We are deeply saddened by the untimely death of our good friend, Christ Tavantzis.
He passed away on February 11, 2016 of natural causes. He will be truly missed and we
(his friends) extend our most sincere condolences to his family, We will miss you brother!

We will keep this site up for a while, as a tribute to Christ and all his hard work, EJM 02/20/2016


ChrisTrikes Custom Motorcycles Introduce the first wheelchair accessible trike conversion kit; Patent No: US 7,419,024 B1 in 2007. 2014 conversion kit, production motorcycles for HD Solftail frame.


ChrisTrikes has designed the kit, and will manufacture the kit for your needs. CHRISTRIKES has three models: THE OUTRIDER, THE STAGECOACH and THE RUSTLER. THE OUTRIDER is for people with disabilities that can transfer from the wheelchair onto the motorcycle’s seat, or for a wheelchair user to ride as a passenger. THE STAGECOACH will allow you to drive the motorcycle from the wheelchair. This is designed for the one for those who cannot transfer onto the motorcycle’s seat. THE RUSTLER is for able-bodied individuals; now have 25 sq ft of cargo for long road trips, camping, and general hauling. You’ll never need a trailer again.

  The motorcycles you are seeing on this page below are on HD FXR frame.

What you are see at the top of the page is the 2014 production motorcycles

1.) For HD Solftail frame & conversion kit that fits 1990 to present Solftail frame. 2.) Wheel base two is feet shorter from the FXR frame 3.) Single side Swingarm 4.) Independent suspension 5.) Limited-slip differential 6.) Handlebar control 100% of the brakes 7.) Pingel electric clutch shift 8.) For easy loading, the floor moves up and down to three inches off the ground. 9.) Solftail frame is not altered. Time to order your trike kit starting at $18,000 for.

ChrisTrikes Custom Motorcycles Miami Florida 33133 ChrisTrikes@bellsouth.net phone 305 491-3565   Wheelchair Accessible Motorcycle Leads Parade - Click here 


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