Prototype #1
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 About the Kit and the Company

It is time for a celebration! We now have a kit for Harley-Davidson and many other manufacturers of motorcycles for all us individuals in wheelchairs, as well as electric wheelchairs and any others with physical needs that want, like, and need to ride a motorcycle. I am in an electric wheelchair, but I can transfer onto the motorcycle’s seat. I am in the electric wheelchair from Polio; long before the advent of so many handicapped aids. I have designed many items for my own needs and it’s time to share my skills and experience in a design that works.

CHRISTRIKES has so many parts that make riding so very easy for people with disabilities. First, the kit: This unit has full limited-slip differential and independent suspension. The best thing for us is that the floor moves up and down. Yes, you roll in at three inches off the ground. Throw a switch, and you go up until you are sitting just above, and in back of the motorcycle’s seat. You slide down and transfer on to the motorcycle and you are on the road again.

I have designed the kit, and will manufacture the kit for all needs. CHRISTRIKES will have three models: THE OUTRIDER, THE STAGECOACH and THE RUSTLER. THE OUTRIDER is for people with disabilities that can transfer from the wheelchair onto the motorcycle’s seat, or for a wheelchair user to ride as a passenger. THE STAGECOACH will allow you to drive the motorcycle from the wheelchair. This is the one for those who cannot transfer onto the motorcycle’s seat. THE RUSTLER is for able-bodied individuals. With no wheelchair in the back of the motorcycle you have 25 sq ft for long road trips, camping, and general hauling. You’ll never need a trailer again.