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Custom Parts Made to Order - Thursday, July 24, 2014

Announcements Custom Parts Made to Order


We have designed custom floorboards for example, floorboards design for our customers. At the top of the page we have the full running board. Optional for the full running board is right or left brake assemblies for foot operation as well foot accelerator for individuals who have right-hand issues.

The individual floorboards have been designed for a V – Rod replacing the foot pegs. The individual floorboards can be mounted on any forward controls location and mid-controls location they will accept the standard Harley-Davidson rubber inserts for the D’s shape floorboards.

We are now producing the above floorboards and we can build a specialized floorboard to meet your needs.

We offer custom back supports and side bolstering to keep you driving the motorcycle from the seat. This unit comes with chest belt and lap belt as a safety device for your safety on the motorcycle as you drive down the
road. The backrest supports are a custom built for individuals need.