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Q. What is the cost of your ChrisTrikes conversion kit?
A. My ChrisTrikes conversion kits start at $18,000 per unit.

Q. What is the average cost for a road-ready ChrisTrikes conversion?
1. Start with an $18,000 conversion kit.
2. You can buy a used motorcycles for $6,000 to $14,000 and new for $16,000.
3. Add electric shift and reverse at a cost of $3,500.

 The bottom line is you can be on the road for as low as $28,000.

 Q. What kind of motorcycles will I use?
 A. Any Harley-Davidson SolfTail from 1990 to present. You should have the bike before you
 order the ChrisTrikes conversion kit. We can find you a motorcycle for your kit also assemble
 the unite then deliver it completely.

Q. Do I have to use a Harley-Davidson?
A. No you can use a Solftail from any of the aftermarket builders.

Q. I like import motorcycles, will your ChrisTrikes conversion kit work on an import?
A. Yes, but it would be a custom order requiring special fabrication; price would need to
 be determined by time and materials.

Q. Can I buy a completed ChrisTrikes from you?
A. Yes, I can locate motorcycles for you and help you with the purchase process. The
 motorcycle must be titled in your name before I add my ChrisTrikes conversion kit to your bike.

Q. Can I assemble the ChrisTrikes conversion kit myself?
A. I recommend that you find a motorcycle shop to set the trike up. But, yes you can assemble it
 yourself if you have a good working knowledge of motorcycles and are handy with tools.
 I am always available for consultation.

Q. How long after I order my ChrisTrikes conversion kit will I have my kit delivered?
A. I start a production cycle every three months: January, April, July and October.
 I hope to have your order within 90 days from the beginning of one of those dates.

Q. Will I need any other items not included in the ChrisTrikes conversion kit?
A. The kit is designed to get you rolling. Further customizing for accessibility or esthetics

Q. What kinds of options can I order?
A. We will discuss options when you place your order. Custom paint, chrome parts,
 special accessories and particular brands of components can be discussed.

Q. How much do need for down payment?
A. I ask for 50% down, and the balance at delivery.

Q. What is the top speed of the trike?

Q. How can I transport my ChrisTrike?

A. Ride it! You can use a trailer or use my front wheel tow. The front wheel tow is a
 hitch-mounted chock that holds the front wheel off the road and allows the trike to roll on

Q. Do I need to do anything to my wheelchair?
A. You need a ZE-lock bracket on your wheelchair.
A. Most states have a license plate for disabled motorcycle riders.

Q. Do I need a motorcycles license or special training?
A. All states require motorcycle licenses for riding a trike. Some states require a
special trike/sidecar endorsement on your license to operate a three-wheel motorcycle.
The Motorcycle Safety Foundation had developed a special curriculum for trikes and sidecars.
 I recommend you take a class and get familiar with your ChrisTrike before riding in traffic.